Exemplar em excelente condição, 100 % original com o motor correto (EG). Completamente revisto em todos os detalhes. Fez recentemente uma profunda revisão mecânica sem olhar a custos, onde foi inclusivamente feita a distribuição. Pega muito bem a quente, problema crônico neste modelo.

– Acompanha com dossier das intervenções e IPO´S (18)

–  Pneus novos Pirelli Cinturato.

– Certificado de veículo de interesse Histórico pelo ACP válido até 2024.


World premiere in 1975, launch in 1976. Then came IAA. Volkswagen showcased the Golf GTI and received an enthusiastic media response – everyone wanted one! And they got what they asked for. In June 1976 the Golf GTI Mk1, priced at 13,850 German marks, was launched in Germany before going on to enjoy global success. The initial plan was to manufacture 5,000 units of this special product line to at least recoup the cost of development and the investment in production equipment. However, things turned out rather differently as neither Konrad, Hablitzel nor Schmücker had anticipated the level of popularity of this Golf GTI with a top speed of 182 km/h and black wheel arch extensions, a black frame around the rear window, red edge around the radiator grille, tartan sports seats, the golf ball gear knob and a sports steering wheel with a special design feature. The 5,000 units of the Golf GTI Mk1 eventually ended up as 461,690 units – and the ultimate crowning glory of the product line was the Pirelli-GTI, a special edition generating 112 PS. This marked the first chapter in what remains the world’s most successful compact sports car.”


Veículo Hot Hatch
Preço Vendido
Quilómetros 197.300 km
Cor Branco
Interior Preto/Vermelho
Transmissão Manual 5v
Tração 2FWD
Motor 4 Inline 1,6 L


Ano 1982
Marca VW
Modelo Golf GTI MK1
Veículo Hot Hatch
Tração 2FWD
Tipo de Caixa Manual 5v
Combustível Gasolina
Cilindrada (cc) 1588
Tipo de Motor 4 Inline 1,6
Potência (HP) 112